Notes from the Sport Positive Summit 2022

Photo by Sport Positive Summit 2022

What follows is a, more or less, chronologically organised jumble of quotes and scribbles that I jotted down during my time at Day 1 of the very enjoyable and informative #SportPositive Summit at Wembley Stadium.  Thanks to the hosts, sponsors, speakers, attendees, and organisers for their valuable contributions.  Massimo Calvelli, CEO, ATP  Henry Chilcott, CMO, Formula E… Continue reading Notes from the Sport Positive Summit 2022

Drop-in Sessions

We all want to do good, or better. But it’s knowing where to start that’s often the problem, and then understanding how to keep up the momentum – with maximum impact for the organisation and society – can be an even bigger challenge. One of my main objectives when setting up this company was to… Continue reading Drop-in Sessions

About me

ISCA Move Congress 2021

I am a consultant and educator specialised in responsible decision-making in sport. I have almost 15 years’ international experience advising governing bodies, non-profits, sports organisations, and brands, in areas such as sustainable event management, impact measurement, and sustainability reporting.  I also conduct educational workshops at sport organisations and academic institutions to broaden individuals’ understanding of sustainability,… Continue reading About me

Sustainability education as a driver for strategy integration

Question… Your organisation has a CEO that is an advocate of sustainability, and an intelligent and passionate sustainability manager that is on the cusp of rolling out a great new sustainability strategy. The challenge you now face is cross-departmental buy-in. Where do you start? Well, ideally you would have started to address this challenge before… Continue reading Sustainability education as a driver for strategy integration

5 ways to raise your responsible investment game

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer of an ambitious yet realistic change agenda for people, planet and prosperity, which seeks to transform our world by 2030.  But how do we go about stemming catastrophic climate change, alleviating poverty and hunger, achieving universal equality, cleaning up our seas and achieving a more peaceful coexistence? I see responsible investment being… Continue reading 5 ways to raise your responsible investment game

It’s time to stop talking about ‘sustainability’ and ‘CSR’

Using corporate terms frames social and environmental responsibility as an ‘add-on’ rather than a business imperative in sport. Now is the time to change that, says Daniel Cade (Article originally published in the Sustainability Report on May 6, 2020) To survive budget cuts and be at the forefront of rebuilding a post-pandemic sport industry, experts… Continue reading It’s time to stop talking about ‘sustainability’ and ‘CSR’

The Chronicles of Napanian

Napanian is a mythical place, lying somewhere over the rainbow. It existed for one week, in the minds, flip chart sheets and PowerPoint presentations of 30 individuals, who sought to shred through the details of its lacklustre National Paralympic Committee (NPC), to ensure a brighter future for Paralympic sport and greater equality in the real… Continue reading The Chronicles of Napanian

It’s 2019 and we’re still having the same debate!

I was privileged to be invited to attend the #EqualGame conference last week in London, organised jointly by UEFA, the English Football Association and the Fare network. Also in attendance were general secretaries and presidents from a large majority of UEFA member associations – including Greg Clarke (English FA Chairman) and Aleksander Čeferin (UEFA President),… Continue reading It’s 2019 and we’re still having the same debate!

You can’t buy just one chicken breast!!

A good friend of mine lives without a fridge. His decision to sell his fridge ten years ago, back in his late twenties, was based on both practical (space/cost savings, under-use) and deep and meaningful (i.e. “Have you ever asked yourself why we need fridges…?”) grounds. But he’s still fridge-less today and, despite some awkward conversations along… Continue reading You can’t buy just one chicken breast!!