Notes from the Sport Positive Summit 2022

What follows is a, more or less, chronologically organised jumble of quotes and scribbles that I jotted down during my time at Day 1 of the very enjoyable and informative #SportPositive Summit at Wembley Stadium.  Thanks to the hosts, sponsors, speakers, attendees, and organisers for their valuable contributions.  Massimo Calvelli, CEO, ATP  Henry Chilcott, CMO, Formula E…

Drop-in Sessions

We all want to do good, or better. But it’s knowing where to start that’s often the problem, and then understanding how to keep up the momentum – with maximum impact for the organisation and society – can be an even bigger challenge. One of my main objectives when setting up this company was to…

About me

I am a consultant and educator specialised in responsible decision-making in sport. I have almost 15 years’ international experience advising governing bodies, non-profits, sports organisations, and brands, in areas such as sustainable event management, impact measurement, and sustainability reporting.  I also conduct educational workshops at sport organisations and academic institutions to broaden individuals’ understanding of sustainability,…

Sustainability education as a driver for strategy integration

Question… Your organisation has a CEO that is an advocate of sustainability, and an intelligent and passionate sustainability manager that is on the cusp of rolling out a great new sustainability strategy. The challenge you now face is cross-departmental buy-in. Where do you start? Well, ideally you would have started to address this challenge before…


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About my blog

Hi, I’m Daniel. I’ve worked as a consultant in sport and sustainability for almost 15 years. I enjoy writing. I find that it helps me make more sense of the world around me. So what you’re reading here are some of the work-related topics that I have been contemplating over the years. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.

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